All butler touch

Human touch


All Butler Touch is a key for the personalized services of The Orientbank Hotel.

Intended to assist the guests in every aspect during their stay are the welcome ritual, the service includes guest services, concierge services and local community services, restaurant reservations, wellness+fitness menus, daytime entertainment and tips to explore the local community.

All Butler Touch Service can be accessed by WhatsApp or phone and is ready to cater for all requests by the guests. The service includes not only the hotel stay but solutions to numerous issues that guests may face during their trip.


Design is for us not only for the pretty looks. It is much more than that! A good design is to create the best environment for our guests. It enables personal fulfillment and helps greater connections between people and places. It enhances the taste of the journey for them.

Design is holistic!
A good design does not fulfill only the eye but goes deep and caresses the soul and makes our guest feel more satisfied.

Design for guests

Mark of craft


The Orientbank Hotel’s main character is based on creative and luxury shot, recognizable with a mixology of accessible glamour, fine accommodation, opulent atmosphere and mystical history of Eminönü. The notion of good service of the The Orientbank Hotel relies on guest satisfaction and exclusive service principles, and manifests itself also in the departure processes of guests. For departure, the butler comes to guest’s rooms with a greeting, picks up luggages and places them in bell cart.

We wish remembering of our scent, taste and all experiences


A rendezvous of creative and cultural styles

The location of the Germanya Han, one of the modern structures of its era, in a commercially-oriented area, and its revival as The ORIENTBANK Hotel, invites us into an exchange of styles between the East and the West. The warm, welcoming, intriguing, surprising, rich, dramatic, enticing spatial features of the East meets here with the elegant, glamorous, prestigious concepts of the West.

The cultural exchange

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